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LG’s new 2022 OLED TVs come in a variety of sizes and have a higher peak brightness




LG Electronics wants to be better than Samsung at making OLED screens for TVs.

For several years now, OLED (organic light emitting diode) televisions have been dominating conversations among high end television enthusiasts. But they’ve finally arrived at prices that middle class families could actually afford.

Each year at CES, LG announces its latest line of OLED TVs. They’re usually better than last year’s models, but they don’t really change anything. Some of LG’s TVs are now even brighter than before.

LG has several different lines of OLED TVs available right now: the entry-level line (A), the mid-range line (B), the top-of-the-line line (C), the high-end line (G), and the super-high end line (Z).

At CES 2018, LG unveiled its latest smartphones for each line — including the G6, V30S ThinQ, X Power, Watch W7, and For most people, we’ll be focusing mainly on small changes like these for the next few months. But there will eventually come a time when we start talking about major upgrades such as the one coming up later this month.

Often praised by reviewers for its inky black levels, accurate colors, and strong contrasts, Samsung’s OLED displays are no slouch either. One of the two main knocks against OLEDs is that they lack the peak brightness of their LCD counterparts. However, if you’re looking at a set where the screen size isn’t too large, then there shouldn’t be any issues with viewing angles.

So far, there hasn’t been any significant difference between the two models’ performance, but we’re glad to see Samsung continue to improve its flagship TV line. Once we’ve had some time to test and review them, we’ll be able to tell exactly how big an improvement they’re going to provide.

In order to distinguish its new G line from last year’s C line, LG has added a Brightness Boosting function to the G2 smartphone. According to the manufacturer, Brightness Boosters TV sets feature panels that include heat sinks so they can achieve maximum brightness levels faster than conventional models.

In addition, 2022’s C2 and G2 display screens measure just 6mm thick, compared to 10.2mm for their predecessors. It seems like they’re using LG’s new OLED display technology called “OLED EX.” We covered this briefly last week. The C3, G3, and Z3 (C4, G4, and Z4) will have an upgraded AI processor for better performance and image quality. They’re both cheap because they don’t include any RAM at all. For gaming at 60Hz, 144Hz, and beyond, the G‑Sync HDR monitors from Asus feature an IPS panel with VA technology for wide viewing angles and low input lag. There isn’t really any major difference between the A1 and the pricier models aside from the fact that they lack some features that aren’t important for most people who play games.

With its new gaming features like GameStream, GeForce Now, and G-SYNC technology, LG has made some pretty big strides into the world of high end TV tech. Nowadays, we’re seeing two major VRR (variable refresh rate) technologies available for use by developers.

There aren’t just hardware changes involved; there are also new software features. With its new multi-user support, LG Web OS now lets people share content from their own devices without having to rely on an external device like a set top box, gaming system, or USB stick. In addition to rolling out support for Google Assistant voice commands, LG has announced plans to bring support for the new Matter home automation protocol to its televisions by 2022.

The A2 will be available in 48-, 55-, 64-, and 77-inch screen sizes. For the A1, it’ll be 60, 70, and 80 inches. The C2 comes at different widths: 42, 48, and 55 inches; however, they come in one size lengthwise: 83 inches. You’ll notice that both models come equipped with an older version of the screen than the ones found on the larger sets.

The G2 comes in five different screen sizes ranging from 55 inches to 97 inches, while the larger Z2 offers two options — 77 inches or 88 inches.

Prices for the new phone may not differ greatly from last year’s models, which cost $1,000-$2,500 depending on their size and screen resolution. While LG, Sony, and Panasonics were producing most consumer OLED TVs in the past few years, other manufacturers such as Samsung have jumped into the game recently.

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