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EFF praises Android’s new 2G kill switch, wants Apple to follow suit




The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has celebrated Google’s addition of a “2G kill switch” feature to its new version of Android. Since 2020, the digital rights organization has campaigned for outdated, insecure 2G cell phone standards to be disabled by default. And now, Google’s new operating system allows users to turn off 2G entirely. Carriers in the United States stopped providing 2G service several years ago, and they’re now shutting off their 3G networks. Modem connections haven’t yet been fully updated for 3G networks, so they’re still trying to use old technology to access them. The main issue here is that 2G networks are extremely outdated; they’re similar to using an insecure wireless network at a coffee shop. They’re not secure enough for modern applications. If you live in a country where there are no longer any legitimate uses for 2G networks, then shutting down 3G/4G networks would be pointless because they serve no purpose at all.

It doesn’t mean that 2G networks aren’t secure; they’re just not as safe as 3G/4G networks. You still shouldn’t rely on them though. Encrypting everything is always recommended. For most people, text messages are the default way to communicate online, but depending on your mobile provider and device settings, voice calling may be more secure than texting.

Because it was never off by default! It has always been on by default! There are some countries where 2G has already been phased out. Some examples include the United States, Canada, Japan, and South Korea. However, there are others where 2G hasn’t yet been completely removed from service. Examples include India and China. Europe won’t kill off its two-gigabyte mobile networks until at least 2025 There are several countries where mobile phone networks use GSM technology (2G) for voice calls, but they don’t plan to shut down their 2G network until after 2024.

If you’re using an old phone from a country where there’s still 2G service (which means it doesn’t support 4G), you might be able to use it for making cheap international calls but not sending texts or receiving emails. It won’t even let you browse the web! It may be unlikely that killing two gigabytes (GB) will improve anything at all about your phone experience, but why not give it a go?

After taking care of Android, the EFF has now turned its attention to Apple. Hey Apple, two gigabytes (2GB) is outmoded and insecure technology! “Google has given us an option to disable location services on our smartphones, so we’re going to take advantage of it.”

How the 2G kill switch works on Android

Some smartphones already include an emergency mode for when they run out of battery power. But now Google has added another layer of protection by including a “kill switch” function. It’s usually difficult for Google to release new features at once across its entire range of products. According to Google’s official documentation, the minimum requirement for the new features is Android 12 (and Radio 1.6) and the “Project Treble Vendor Interface”. We discuss these interfaces often because they’re part of Project Treble. Triple is a project that separates out the operating system (OS) into its own module so that it can be updated independently of the rest of the computer. It’s called “HAL” — Hardware Abstraction Layer. You’re better off buying an entirely new smartphone than upgrading one that already has Android 12 installed.


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