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Taking a campervan on Interislander™




With its beautiful beaches, majestic mountain ranges, and lush rainforests, New Zealand is an ideal destination for anyone looking for adventure. It has been proven time and again that traveling by camper van is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore New Zealand. A road trip is an excellent way for families, groups of friends, or couples to travel together.

What if you end up at Wellington instead? Suddenly, there isn’t any more road left for you to drive down. You cannot drive your RV or camper van because they don’t fit into most parking spaces. Fortunately, there’s an interisland ferry to help get across the gap.

Take a campervan across the Cook Strait.

It’s easy to get from Wellington to Picton via the interisland ferry service. You can enjoy taking a break at the restaurants, bars, and lounges, all while enjoying some of the best views in the city. The ferry terminal for Wellington is located 10 minutes away from the city centre, where vehicles must be checked in an hour prior to departure. You don’t need any special equipment for bringing your camper van or caravan onto an interisland ferry; just drive up and down the ramp once you’re onboard.

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll be able to choose from among some of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world. Whether you want some adventure, a quiet countryside drive or just a nice walk through beautiful scenery, the top of New Zealand’s south island is the best spot for a long weekend away.

Accommodation that accommodates.

After crossing the Cook Strait, the next thing on your to-dos is most likely finding somewhere to stay. Fortunately, there are lots of great campsites for RVs and caravans. They’re fairly central, so they’re good if you want to go anywhere in particular.

Marlborough Sounds 

For those who wish to get close to the Marlborough Sound, the Kenepuru head camp site is an excellent place to stay. You’ll be able to go sailing from there, and walk or bike through the nearby Queen Charlotte Track (QCT). Pelorus Bridge Camping Ground is a DOC camping ground located near the riverbank. Before going into the Nelson region, take some time for yourself by walking through this lovely flat river-forested area.


Totaranui Camping Ground is located at the north end of Abel Tasman National park, just next to the beach. Camping at Lake Tahoe has everything from modern amenities to beautiful views. If you plan on doing any activities during your stay, camping at Totaranu’i Beach is always a good option.

If you want somewhere close to Auckland City Centre, then why not stop off at one of their holiday park locations instead of staying in Waitakere ranges? Picton, Blenheim, and Nelson are all within easy reach by car from the Inter Island Ferry Terminal at Picton. They’re well worth visiting if you want to explore the South Island. There are 46 camping grounds across New Zealand, offering accommodation ranging from cabins to luxury lodges, and there’s even an exclusive club where members get discounts at some restaurants and shops. Signing up for an account is as simple as logging into our site.

Driving day trips. 

When traveling by car, one of the best things about going for a long trip through New Zealand’s South Island is that you don’t need to worry about having to rent a vehicle every time you go somewhere new. French Pass Rd has some of the most scenic views in all of Marlboro. There are lots of secluded spots where you can get away from everything for some peace and quiet. Plus, there are several trails nearby that offer beautiful views. You could drive there for 2 hours, then back again another hour later; however, if you’re not too tired from driving, you might want to consider going twice! From Blenheim to Kaikōura is yet another breathtaking journey along the coastline. Because of its natural beauty, not just because of the wildlife you’ll see along the way, but especially because of the whales, dolphins, and seals you might spot too!

Walk it off.

If you want to take a long hike but don’t know where to start, then New Zealand is a good place to visit. Two international music festivals take place just a short distance away from the Picton ferry terminal. It’s known for its breathtaking views of Queen Charlotte Sound and Kenepuru National Park. From Mereto/Ship Cove, there’s an easy network of transfers, hotels and restaurants and good food and wine along the way.

It runs through beautiful forests, national parks, native bush, and sandy beaches. You can choose from a variety of different types of workouts, including some shorter ones and longer ones.

Another famous track is called the Heaphy Track. At the top of the south island, you’ll enjoy everything the west coast has to offer. Remember that it takes a bit longer than the Abel Tasman Coastal Track – usually around four to six days by walking, or two to three days by cycling.

For adventurous people who want to see some amazing sights in New Zealand, the best part of the country is the south island. There are lots of fun adventures there that you won’t be able to experience elsewhere. You need to go for an adventurous trip through Abel Tasman National Park. Climbing up sheer cliffs, watching the sun sparkle off cascading waterfalls, and exploring pristine forests deep within untouched jungles is an adventure that will leave you feeling exhilarated for days. Thrills can be found even farther south than Murchison, New Zealands’ whitewater capital. Jetboating is an awesome way to get some serious thrills without having to spend hours at the gym. It’s thrilling to go down the Buller River at 85 km per hour! You get some fast turns, rapid sections, and exciting waterfalls. If there’s an animal on land, Cable Bay Adventure Park has everything! Try trekking on horseback, taking a quad bike out for a spin, or testing your aim at the paintball range. It has been reported that they even have the world’s longest Skywire which would surely delight thrill seekers. Nelson has some beautiful beaches and secluded bays where you can go paddling, kayaking, and kite surfing. If you happen to see seals, penguins, or even dolphins, be sure to take pictures! Whatever path your roadie leads you down, adventure lies just ahead.

World-class wineries.

The Marlborough wineries produce some of New Zealand’s finest wines. They’re sure to impress even the toughest beer drinkers! Why not take a leisurely guided wine tasting tour through the beautiful landscape? If you’d prefer not to drink too much wine at one sitting, we suggest taking a guided tasting tour instead. There are more than thirty cellar door restaurants and some amazing world class eateries at Lorne. To help you out, we’ve selected some of our favorites.

Cloudy Bay

Enjoy the very best of local fish and wine at Cloudy Bay Restaurant. During winter, lunchtime meals consist of local seasonal dishes cooked over an open fire.

Brancott Estate

Start your morning by visiting one of New Zealand’s most famous wineries, Brancott Estate Vineyard. The first grapes were grown here in 1973, and they’re now famous worldwide. Take time out for yourself and enjoy the view from wherever you’re sitting.

Saint Clair

If you visit the Marlborough region during harvest time, then you’ll be able to enjoy some excellent wines. What sets St. Clair apart from its competitors is its sensational vineyard kitchen. The view extends beyond the vineyards into the ever changing and dramatic Richmond Range.


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