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Fall Fabrics for Every Man’s Wardrobe




Women love warm and fuzzy just as men do during cold winter months. Children love warmth too! Men should wear at least three types of clothing – including tweeds, wools, and suèdes.

Men and Tweeds

Tweed is a men’s choice for Fall because it has a rougher texture than cotton. It comes from an old Scottish term meaning “to pluck out by hand.” Another reason to buy a tweed suit is because there are so many different types of weaves and colors available for men who want to match their suits up with accessories.

Today’s most popular fall tweed patterns include herringbone designs featuring a classic black and white color palette and chevron motifs. You can get brown herringbone patterns too.

Other than these two examples, there are other kinds of tweed patterns available. Examples include Brushed Tweed donegal (gray), Hound tooth tweeds (checkerboard pattern), and Glen plaids (rusty brown, black and gray). Tweed coats give men an unmistakable appearance of style and sophistication.

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Real Men Love Wool

For men, wool plays an important part in their wardrobes for fall. A wool sweater with a cableknit pattern makes for an excellent winter accessory.

If you’re an outdoorsman who likes wearing jackets, then go for one made from a durable material like wool. Choose a classic color combination — red and black — because they look good together. If you want to get the most from autumn/winter fashion trends, add a merino wool long sleeve poloshirt for casualwear and a worsted wool suiting for formalwear to your wardrobe.

Different types of wools include double knit, worsted, and fine brushed wool fabrics.

Not Your Father’s Suede

Fall fashion has always been diverse, but now there are so many different types of fabrics available! Suede is one of them. Suede has an appealing softness to its touch. It has an elastic waistband for comfort and ease of wear, and coordinates well with leathers, corduroys, and fleeces. Wear a soft flowing men’s suedette shirt with a wool coat for an edgy look. Suede tees are available in men’s sizes from extra small through large in various colors including black, white, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, gray, tan, khaki, beige, burgundy, maroon, dark You can buy them with or without patterns. Men have a wide range of choices when buying t-shirts for themselves. A hunter who likes to wear camouflage clothing may choose to add a suede shirt in a camo print for autumn hunts. Unlike your dad’s suede shirts, which require dry cleaning and avoid water to prevent spots, suede tees are easier to clean than his old ones. A corduroy shirt and a pair of well-worn leather shoes are two items every guy must own. Cords are best worn with a turtleneck sweater and a blazer.


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