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After losing the Sonos patent battle, Google began removing features from speakers




Following an initial ruling by the United States International Trade Commission (USITC), which found that Google had infringed upon several of Apple’s patents related to mobile operating systems, the USITC has now issued a final determination finding that Google did indeed violate four of its own patents. If the ruling results into certain devices being banned in America, Google has developed an approval software downgrading method, which would allow affected users to use their device without any issue. Back then, Sonos was one of the first companies to invent the connected speaker category by creating NetRadio speakers. Nowadays, however, Google Home and Amazon Echo are stealing its market share. While Sonos was pitching Google for its support of Android apps back in 2013, Google had already gotten an inside look at Sonos’ operations. According to Sonos, Google used an API key from Sono­s when developing the Google Home smart speaker, which was then stolen. Sonos filed suit against Google for patent infringement in February 2020.

Volume changes are one of the most annoying things on this list. It used to be possible to control each playing speaker individually using one slider and adjust the overall sound level by voice command; now, it seems like only individual controls will remain. With the latest version of Android (Android O), Google has removed the option for controlling the volume of individual speakers using the device’s physical volume controls. It seems that it’s no longer possible to adjust speaker group volumes using Alexa routines any longer.

Is it possible to use other peripherals?

Yes, you can connect your Sonos system with other audio equipment such as TVs, amplifiers, or receivers. You can also connect multiple Sonos players together so they play different music simultaneously. For example, if you have two Sonos One speakers in different rooms, you can set them up to play different songs at the same time.

Can I stream my Spotify account to Sonos?

You can access all your Spotify music through Sonos. Once you’ve logged into your Spotify account, select “My Music” from the main menu and choose “Add Playlist.” Select the playlist you want to add, and click “Create New Playlist,” then “Save Changes.” Your new playlist should appear under “Your Music” in the Sonos app.


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