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Summer Guide to Wellington and Marlborough




Summer in New Zealand is unlike any other – there are beaches, BBQ’s, lots of fun with family and friends! With so many things to see and do in New Zealand, we’re going to concentrate on Wellington and Marlboro; the two great regions connecting the North and South Islands. These regions, full of culture and history, are ideal for planning your summer holidays. Take advantage of the fact that there’s an interisland ferry service connecting Auckland and Wellington. It takes just under three hours for each way!

We’ve put together an extensive list of activities for every type of traveller – from families looking for fun days out to couples wanting romantic getaways.

Best things to do in Wellington

“Welly” means Wellington; therefore, if you want to visit Wellington, then you must be prepared for some rainy days. If you’ve met someone who lives in Washington DC, chances are they’ve probably uttered these words at some point. During summer, when the weather is nice, you just can’t beat Wellington for a good time. Wellington is full of arts, culture, and music; has some of the best restaurants in New Zealand; and offers plenty of things to see and do during the summer months. It’s an excellent place to visit!

We’ve compiled some ideas for fun things to do during the long days of summer here in Wellington.

For the Nature Lovers

New Zealand has beautiful natural scenery. There are plenty of things to see and do even in bigger cities like Wellington. You could go hiking through the countryside surrounding the city, visit some local wildlife reserves, or take part in one of the many festivals held throughout the year. For people who want an easy day trip out of town, the Zealandia Te Marae A Taua by Day Tour is ideal. It’s close enough for most Aucklanders but doesn’t take up too much time. Get some exercise by taking part in an activity at this beautiful park, where you’ll see a variety of native New Zealand bird species. Located in New Zealand, Zealandia is the country’s largest fenced urban eco­sanctuary. It was founded in 1999 It doesn’t sound too shabby. The sanctuary aims to recreate as close to its prehuman condition as possible by restoring native forests and wetlands.

Zealandia was established in 1999, making it one of New Zealand’s oldest parks. It’s not a bad thing at all. To help restore some of Wellington’s forests and fresh water environments as close as they were prior to human settlement.

  • Located just over the hills from Auckland City, Zealandia is extremely accessible by public transport. If you want to get to the botanic gardens by foot, take an Uber or catch the cable car (which runs every 15 minutes) at the interisland ferry terminal. Once you’re there, just follow the signs for the botanica garden.
  • You can expect the tour to last for two hours, giving you enough time to visit some other sites before heading back to the hotel. Zealandia has a wide variety of plants and animals living within its borders. There are over 40 different types of birds living there. You may be lucky enough to spot one, or maybe even the rarest species, the Takahē.
  • Tickets for adults cost between $55-$70 depending on where you go; kids’ tickets range from $25-$35. Children under five years old get into the park for free. Suited for anyone who wants to learn something new It’s fun for everyone!

For the Foodies

It would seem that if there is one thing Wellington is known for above anything else, it has to be its food scene! If you’re planning to go to Wellington during the warmer months, then Cuba St is definitely worth checking out. Whether it’ s the funky Cuban-themed café, Fidel’s Café or Wellington’s most famous restaurant, Logan Brown, Cuba St is a must see when visiting Wellington and New Zealand.

  • Location: Central City. Cuba Street divides Manners Mall from Courtney Place. Most accommodations in Wellington are located near the city centre.
  • You can expect Havana’s streets to be lively and full of people eating delicious foods.
  • Lunch = $10; Brunch = $15; Dinner = $20 There are lots of different options for you to choose Spend the entire day walking down Cuba St., enjoying everything the cafes and restaurants there have to offer. Suitable for anyone, but especially good for couples. A Cuban sandwich at Havana Cafe is the best way to spend an afternoon.

For the Art Lovers

There’s no shortage of art in Wellington; the city has long been renowned for its innovative approach to art. Wellington hosts some amazing art events throughout the year, but one of its most popular ones takes place during the warmer months. We recommend visiting the City Art Gallery if you’re looking for something fun to see. The Gallery has an innovative approach to showcasing modern art from both NZ and overseas. Take some time out from the heat and enjoy the beautiful artwork on display.

  • Located centrally in the picturesque Te Ngaeakau Civic Square, the city art gallery is an ideal place to visit before heading out for some waterfront exploration.
  • You can expect at any given point in time, the City Art Galleries hosts a variety of exhibitions. Take advantage of the beautiful views from inside the Art Deco building.
  • entry costs vary depending on whether an exhibition has been specially organized for visitors.
  • Suited for anyone who wants to learn something new It’s perfect for a quick snack when you’re running out of time before dinner.


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