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Common Long Hair Problems and How to Split End Them




Longer hair may be problematic if you have it cut too short, but there are things you can do to help prevent some of its potential problems. Hair loss is one of the most common issues people face when they grow their hair out past shoulder length.

Keeping Long Hair Out of the Way

Hygiene dictates keeping long hair away from foods when preparing them or doing jobs where they come into contact with food. You don’t need expensive tools to style long hair; there are plenty of affordable options available for keeping your hair out of your eyes and off your neck and shoulders. You can use fabric covered elastic bands to tie up your hair quickly.

Avoiding Hairloss

Longer hair may cause hair loss because it weighs down your head. If you have thick hair, it could be causing hair loss. Don’t pull at the hair when you’re trying to style your hair into a pony tail or another type of hairstyle. Use elastic headbands instead of regular ones so they don’t cause any harm to your hair. Make sure to wash your hair before applying any product. Then use a conditioning shampoo for added moisture.

Finding Hair in Unexpected Places

Hair too long for its own good can cause problems with a bathroom’s plumbing fixtures. Longer hairs tend to be thicker than shorter ones, so they’re more prone to causing clogs in sinks and tubs. Regularly checking for clogs in your sink/tub and keeping them clean helps prevent hair from entering your pipes. You may want to use a tub hair catcher to keep hair out of your sinks and tubs. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet because it could cause more damage and clog your drain. To remove clogs from drain pipes, use either a plastic or metal plunger (depending on whether they’re made for plumbing) or pour some baking soda and water down them to form a chemical reaction. You could also hire someone else to help clear out these blockages for you.

Having Long Hair That Is Clean

It might be hard to keep long hair clean if there isn’t enough room for washing it in a smaller sink. Wash your hair in the shower by concentrating on the scalp where oil tends to accumulate. Most people who have long hair don’t usually have lots of debris at the bottoms of their hair. Avoid applying excessive amounts of shampoo onto the lower portion of the hair strand.

Avoiding Having Hair Damage

Longer hair doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be difficult to maintain its beauty. There are some things you can use to help keep your hair looking good. Hair stylists suggest trimming your hair once every 4–6 weeks so that they’re at their best length and prevent any splits from occurring. Your long hair has an issue involving having ragged or unhealthy ends which can ruin your appearance.

Diet and Supplements

Eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water helps keep your hair looking its best. Hair care products designed specifically for people who want healthier looking hair include both natural ingredients and synthetic ones. You may want to consider using some beauty products made specifically for strengthening your hair. These include things like gummies, halo health care, and others.


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