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Add Natural Design Elements to your Bedroom to Sleep Deeply




Can you really feel your lungs expand when you’re out there? When looking out onto a beautiful view, perhaps you feel some relief from the stress in your body? It doesn’t mean you’re crazy if you think nature helps calm you down. Green is one of nature’s most beautiful colors. To get yourself into an environment where you feel relaxed at home, you may want to add some plants to your room.

Health Benefits of Plants and a Garden

Plants can help create an environment where people feel comfortable and relaxed. A study looking at the effects of flowers on patients who were recovering after surgery found that they experienced many positive health benefits, including improved moods and reduced stress levels.

  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Lower feelings of anxiety or fatigue
  • Fewer requests for pain medications
  • More satisfaction with their rooms

Plants add color and life to any space they inhabit, but bedrooms especially need them. Plants use carbon dioxide from our breath to create oxygen for us to breathe. CO2 levels may affect sleep. People who participated in a sleep study reported having better quality sleep when they slept in rooms where there was less CO2. Houseplants help keep CO2 levels down in your room.

Houseplants to Include in Your Bedroom Design

Almost every plant converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, which means you can pick just about any type of plant for its healthful properties. You may want to take into account things like whether the plant has flowers, how much water they need and if your pet might be tempted to eat them. You may want to consider hanging some indoor air plants if you’re living in a crowded household where there’s not enough space for everything else. If you choose plants for their fragrance, then they will help to fresen your air during the day too.

Some plants offer extra health benefits beyond just providing oxygen for us humans. NASA has found out which plants can remove certain types of pollution from the air indoors. Many plants can remove several different types of pollution from water. They were able to remove five different pollutants from the atmosphere by simply growing them together. There are several types of plants that can be used for indoor gardening including the Snake Plant, Devil’s ivy, and the Chinese evergreen

More Natural Decor Options

You don’t need plants for indoor greenery; you can use other natural design elements instead. Manufacturers of mattresses now include more natural materials, including green tea-infused foam and natural latex support cores They may not look like they’re reminders of nature, but their absence of chemicals and off-gasing makes them attractive. You could incorporate wooden furniture and stone accents into a bedroom. Adding wood elements to your bedroom decor adds an extra touch of nature. An even more unusual accessory is a miniature water feature. Noise cancelling headphones provide white noise so they help drown out external sounds when you’re sleeping. Including natural elements and plants in your bedroom decor can help you feel relaxed and get better quality sleep.


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